Thursday, 14 September 2017

Through the eye of the storm

Ok I'll admit it, having 3 children under 4 years was ambitious. I'm reminded of this every time I leave the house as I have numerous comments from people about the amount of tiny people in tow. I'm never quite sure how to respond to these comments, my latest response has been "yes I'm a glutton for punishment!" 
There is a children's book called '5 minutes peace' however this morning I find myself muttering 'I just want 5 seconds!' 
**(this is as at 10am, 3 hours after the children have had their breakfast, my breakfast has burnt because after finally managing to get our baby Pip down asleep Pebble has announced loudly 'Mummy I need a poo' then subsequently has thrown a tantrum when I put her on a potty)**
Even I as write this I am breastfeeding Pip who slept for a grand total of 3 minutes before waking up when I attempted to sit down with my first tea of the day.

I would console myself that I am burning of lots of calories running round after these 3 tiny dictators however I'm pretty sure I'm just stress eating any burnt calories! Instead I console myself with the fact I am looking after the 3 most awesome small people in the world. I find parenting a experience of extremes, there are so many moments where I desperately want a break and yet at 8pm I found myself putting Nemo and Pebble to bed late as we were having so much fun dancing to Roxette and Ricky Martin! 

Potty training Pebble utterly failed, unusually for me I finally admitted defeat after 2 weeks of no nappies as there had been no success and we had to travel down to Newcastle for a hospital appointment. In hindsight this was a good decision as on Friday my poor little Pebble came down with a nasty chest infection. It was all very dramatic as she was taken from the Doctors to the hospital by ambulance where she stayed for 4 days. Of course me being the transportable baby feeding device meant both the girls and I stayed in hospital. Pebble's oxygen levels were very difficult to keep at acceptable levels during the night and this alarm went off every few minutes. Of course there were the frequent visits by staff to do Pebble's obs. This woke up both of the girls meaning I was almost permanently feeding Pip! At one point both Pebble and Pip were so upset that I ended up in bed with Pebble with Pip between us feeding! 

I feel very lucky to live in a country where there is such good healthcare, I couldn't imagine how stressful it would be having an unwell child and either having no access to good healthcare or having to worry about the massive bill racking up. 

The 4 days did give Pebble and Pip some lovely bonding time. The two girls spent many hours just laying in bed with one another watching CBeebies (something else I am very thankful for!) 

We are back at home now and with Nemo soon going to school in the mornings and afternoons things seem to be settling down a bit. 

Ok I am now writing this a week or two after I saved this draft. Seems I spoke too soon as shortly after writing this blog Nemo came down with a projectile committing bug. I'm sharing this photo as he managed to throw up on the slide which then ran down. (Seriously don't complain about the photo I have no sympathy you didn't have to smell it!) 

As hubby was away I had to manage it all myself! Then of course the inevitable happened, I then got the bug and felt totally rotten with it. 
I've worked out that in the past 4 weeks as a family we have been to the Doctors or the hospital 8 times (this doesn't include the dentist!). 
Highlights include my 
-smear test (mercifully my friend last minute rushed to the surgery to watch the children for me in the waiting room. This was a bit of a life saver as it took a rather a long time and some compromising positions to find my cervix. You can bet Nemo would have been very curious and given a detailed account to his school teachers the next day!) 
-immunisations (these have broken Pip's good sleeping, she now wakes a million times a night) 
- Pip's gunky eye (which she's had since birth) which after a swab turned out to actually to be infected with two different 'bad things' - oops - probably shouldn't have ignored that for amost her entire life.... 

Ok so it's been a bit insane, and I'm not going to say it should be getting easier now, because I'll jinx it, but it should get better, but I'm not saying that it will....(please nothing else happen, please nothing else happen.....) 

So I will go on to the big news of this month. My little baby Nemo is now a school boy. 
Here he is on his first day! (And no he wouldn't stay still!) 

Nemo is now at school full time and having 2 rather then 3 children at home for most the day feels much more manageable. Thankfully at 4 months and 2.5 years Pebble and Pip don't fight over toys. The peace is lovely! 
Nemo seems to really enjoy his days, he particularly enjoys his school lunches. A few days he got stickers for eatting all his lunch but he's stopped getting them now, I think the lunchtime staff might have cottoned on to the fact that Nemo will always eat all his lunch!

Hilariously the other day my brother and his wife and twins were visiting. He came with me to pick up Nemo. As Nemo comes out the door there is something wrong. I go and find that the teachers are pulling up his trousers which have fallen down. Then I notice that Nemo has one shoe on, then I notice he has no jumper on that his polo shirt is stained and twisted. It was hysterical. 

(Here's a photo my brother took which gives you a little flavour of his disheavelment although it doesn't capture the full glory!
It's weird not having Nemo around during the day and I've found it hard to ascertain from Nemo what he's been up to. I have a new tactic of bribing him with a tea if he sits down with me for 10 minutes whilst he drinks it and tells me about his day. 

As my Brothers family visited we were able to get all the children dressed up in the outfits that were for the missed birthday party. We got this photo which is pretty good for 5 children aged 4 and under! 

I've been quite busy with my sewing machine again.

Enter matching romper outfits for Pebble and Pip. 

(Pebble didn't want to pose!) 

I've also for the first time tried to make some clothes for myself. 

I made this dress but it came out pretty big. 

I shortened the pattern and did a smaller size to make this tunic which fits better. (I also love the panda theme!) 

Anyway that's a bit of a flavour of my goings on. 
I can't go without mentioning my husband's amazing achievements. His ethical investment solution was nominated for a best ethical investment provider prize competing against other giants such as standard life. As someone who started these up a few years ago on his own this is an amazing achievement. He is also an amazing Daddy and husband to boot. 

So I'll leave you with the usual photos of my amazing little people! 

(Classic I don't want to walk tantrum!) 

Cheese fondue was a big success, Pebble ate asparagus (admittedly covered in cheese...) and Nemo asked not to have pudding because his stomach was full!!!! 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Treading water

am currently experiencing what must be an almost universal struggle for parents after weeks of summer holidays. Of course we have decided to add a tiny baby to the mix just to make life interesting! Nemo is bouncing off the walls, I try and take them out every day however it is never enough for poor Nemo who has always loved being out and stimulated as much as possible! 
Not one to shy away from a challenge I decided to use the extra time at home to potty train Pebble. Now Nemo was a bit of a nightmare potty trainer, I have hoped that Pebble would be better but now on day 10 of no nappies during the day we have yet to have any success. Honestly between the 3 children (Nemo is still having some nighttime accidents) I feel like I'm drowning in wee and poo! 
It's a bit of a lonely time as well, no groups or school runs means that I can go days without any adult conversation with anyone other than hubby. 

There are a couple of things helping cheer me up- first is my crafting and second is my glass of mummy juice when the children in bed! 

(I can recommend pink gin as both pretty and yummy!) 

I've definitely been on a sewing spree over the last couple of weeks. Pip has gone up another sizing range (so sad to pack away those tiny clothes!) however this has given me an excuse to make more clothes. I had leftover sloth material and Pip had already grown out of the last romper I made for her out of it so I made another! 

(Yes I made is super big this time so it lasts longer!) 

I changed a t shirt pattern to make a dress for Pebble. 

(I even tried to be fancy and do a longer back) 

I also used left over deer fabric from Pebble's dress to make Pip and top and hat. 

My twin nieces are having a Totoro themed party shortly. Pebble has always reminded me of the little girl Mai from the film (hence her Totoro themed first birthday cake).

I was very delighted at the excuse to get a Mai themed outfit for her. Having failed to find a reasonably priced dress and puff sleeve blouse I decided to make some. Thankfully using plain cotton meant the fabric cost me very little. 
First attempt at a blouse so it's a little untidy, I love the Peter Pan collar though. 

Yes it's the same Sally Dress pattern I've used many times before! 

Nemo and Pip are going as Tororo. I bought Nemo a Tororo T-shirt and Pip a Totoro vest however have made Totoro a pair of leggings and a hat (with an attempt at ears!) to go with it. 

I've also made the twins another pair of dresses for their birthday (because my sleep deprived brain lacks any originality!) 

So I couldn't end a blog without some seriously sweet photos of number 3. 
Pip is growing so fast it's scary. She is a little ray of sunshine though, her little eyes light up and go rainbow shaped when she smiles! 

She just adores being sung to and is irrestably cute. She's not too bad during the night but it would be nice to be getting a bit more sleep! Her brother and sister both love her but Nemo in particular is besotted with Pip 

I love this photo of Hubby and his girls all napping! 

Ok so looking at these kind of photos is why I get broody! This is the kind of photo I need to look at the help remedy this! 

Your welcome!! 


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Fireman Nemo turns 4

*Yes this blog is super late but we went on holiday after Nemo's birthday then I've been have technical issues!*

So it's that time of year again where one my my babies has a birthday and I stress over trying to make a cake that way over pushes the boundaries of my cake making talents.
This time is is my baby boy's 4th birthday. 

Just grown a bit then?!?

It's hard to believe my first born is now no longer a baby, or even a toddler but definately into little boy territory. He's changed so much over the last year, you can have full conversations with him. Nemo is so full of energy it's ridiculous. Parenting Nemo often feels like trying to take a younger Poppy for a walk on a short lead. Like Poppy would always be pulling on the lead and need reminding to heel Nemo is constantly pushing boundaries, wanting to understand things, jumping on things etc! He's so loving and funny and yet I feel like I'm constantly asking him to stop doing things! 

Nemo wants to be a fireman when he grows up. He's decided he wants 10 babies and initially wanted to marry a fireman (girls are ikky of course) however more recently he decided he wants to marry a fire engine instead! 

After last years pirate cake fiasco I said I'd never make a shaped cake and yet my little boy asked for a fire engine cake so here I was doing what I said I'd never do and making a shaped cake. I have to admit the shape was much easier then a boat shape but with 2 children and a newborn I was more pushed for time then I ever have been before. At 2am on the day of Nemo's birthday after I had dropped the last of my green icing on the floor this is the photo I took before retreating to bed!

Wheels falling off and scenery unfinished! 

Well anyway I finished the next day although I didn't do everything I had planned (I wanted to do a fireman and say happy birthday in the puddle of water!) 

So far my collection of my childrens' birthday cakes colection look like this 

Of course now Pip is here it's another cake to make every year! 

Other crafting I did for Nemo's birthday was sewing a hoodie and two pair of shorts in dinosaur and mountain material.

The weather wasn't great on Nemo's birthday but Grandma and Grandad were here and we did make a quick trip to the beach when the weather improved for an hour or two. We got Nemo a second hand fireman bike and a play mobil rocket so he enjoyed playing with those and his other birthday presents.

Being my first baby I am always learning with Nemo however he makes me so proud. He is such a loving and energetic little boy and such a good big brother to his sisters. (Setting aside the battles with Pebble over toys!) 

So happy birthday to my special baby boy! 

(Yes that's Pip wearing Nemo's T-shirt- I had a parenting fail moment) 

Happy birthday Nemo :)