Sunday, 23 July 2017

Keeping my sanity

Well I can definately not complain that life is boring. 
Life with 3 children under 4 years old is.... Interesting! With all my efforts going into just keeping these 3 small people fed, watered and clean(ish) there is nothing left over for the house. It used to be the case were on a good day I could tidy as quickly as Nemo and Pebble would mess up. This had a break-even effect. With Pip bolstering Nemo and Pebble's efforts I now can only slow the deteriation on the house during the day! 
At night I feel exhausted but yet have so much whirling through my brain that I'm finding it hard to go to sleep. I just lay there listening to Pip sleeping hearing every noise she makes and waiting for her decide that she wants feeding again! 

*****Warning!***** I'm about to talk about boobies! 

Last week I developed my second bout of mastitis since Pip's been born. Of course this time it's not magically disappearing with antibiotics, my third dose in the last 10 weeks.
Now I've breastfed my children a combined time of almost 3 years and I thought I'd seen most things booby related but over the weekend my nipple started turning white, going swollen and just generally doing things I didn't even know nipples did whilst feeling like it was about to drop off everytime Pip latched on.

So this morning hubby makes me an appointment at the Doctors for me and I toddle off to show the GP an impressive collection of weird and wonderful boob photos I've taken over the weekend. 
Ah yes so I walk in to the Doctor's room and of course, it's the Doctor who goes to our church... Wonderful!

So I'm there showing him said weird and wonderful photos, and having a breast exam thinking, wow I'm really going to feel a bit embarrassed when I bump into you over tea and biscuits! Of course I realise that he won't even think twice about it, that he has probably seen more boobs than me and that my nipples, however weird and wonderful are of no interest to him.
Still really though there's something about having a baby that leaves you with zero dignity! 

Anyway new course of antibiotics (make that 4 courses in 10 weeks #livingthedream) this will hopefully out an end to my nipple's new party trick! 

Anyhow moving on from that! Being ill and stuck in bed made me suddenly decide that I should try origami. 
I managed a couple of elephants which I thought were quite good

Then I tried a cat which was ok..

Then well I attempted a rabbit before giving up!
This badly half completed rabbit resembles some kind of road kill!

Feeling a bit of cabin fever setting in I decided to reunite myself with my sewing machine. I was getting itchy sewing hands and feet! 
I finally did the small version of the moon romper for Pip.

Then I decided to use the leftover star material to make some leggings for Pebble and Pip

So cute! Nemo decided he wanted to 'help' me and bless him he was so interested in me sewing. He watched me for ages and learnt the difference between an overlocker and sewing machine. He helped me take out some pins and even threaded his first needle! 

Of course being 3 having seen his sisters get some leggings Nemo decided that he also wanted something. He requested shorts with cars, and I was secretly pretty pleased with myself because I have some stashed material which had some houses and cars on. So that night I made the shorts, using my my legging pattern just making the legs shorter! 

On Sunday I expected a happy little boy impressed with his new shorts, instead Nemo informs me that he wants shorts to have cars and fire engines on..... I just love how much appreciation your get from toddlers!
Of course naturally I explained to Nemo that if he didn't like them that was ok...
.....Alright I'm just not that good a Parent- I actually told Nemo that if he didn't like them that his Sister could have them!! 

Sunday afternoon I decided to make a romper for Pip with this adorable sloth material I bought some time ago. I didn't have a pattern so I used the moon pocket harem style romper pattern and a baby grow for Pip as a guide to make my own pattern. 

The sloths are soooo cute!! 

So that sums up my sewing. And before anyone comments about how impressed they are that I made this with 3 children let me confess that I ignored the household, Hubby held the baby and this is the mess I made! 

Haven't done a lot of crochet but have done a bit more on my lily pond blanket, here are all the pieces so far 

So before I move on from crafting I just have to show you this photo of all the 3 babies wearing matching home made leggings! 

So in other news Nemo has now finished pre-school ready for reception in September! It's crazy! 
Here is his first and last day of pre-school 

Nemo has grown up so much in the last year he really is a little boy now, although at times the toddler comes back! Nemo is also going up a class in swimming :) 
For the teachers we decided to give this wine with these funny labels I got from etsy! It started out as one bottle but then he has two teachers and then I remembered the teaching assistant so this little present turned out more expensive then I originally thought! 

Well I feel like I've rabbited on quite a bit now so I will leave you with the customary cute photos! 

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